ALB Services keeping kids cool!

ALB Services keeping kids cool!

We all know summer is just around the corner.

The classroom can be stressful enough for some kids without adding the QLD heat and humidity! High temperatures can also make them irritable, sluggish and in general lack motivation.

Classrooms need to stay at a comfortable temperature to ensure happy, healthy and productive kids!

ALB Services is here to help!!

We understand budgets can be restrictive and many air conditioning systems in school classrooms are actually funded by the P&C, so we are offering a complete Preventative Maintenance programme developed especially for schools with a bonus *P&C rebate!

The programme will:

  • Improve Air Conditioning performance
  • Save on breakdown & repair costs
  • Save on energy

Have your systems serviced before the summer heat is upon us, keep the kids happy and look after your investment.

We are also offering split systems at a special reduced rate for SCHOOLS ONLY + BONUS… Supplier’s 2 year Warranty on selected units for commercial installations!!

*Place an order before the 31st October 2018 to receive the special *P&C Rebate!!

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