Preparing for Summer with ALB Services

Here in our magnificent climate, we think we have the best of everything, but there are times when our heat and humidity can be a little too tough to bare. Think of your Refrigeration and Air Conditioning equipment struggling to keep your products and customers cool. There are a few simple things you can do to help ensure your equipment can keep up this summer.

Firstly, having a regular maintenance program in place with a reputable HVAC&R service company is key for optimum performance and, dependant on your equipment; this can be carried out on a monthly, quarterly or half yearly basis. This is by far the most important step where we say “Spend a little now… SAVE A LOT later”

A good preventive maintenance program will consist of these basics (and modified to suit your business’s equipment):

  • Clean
  • Test
  • Check and record operating conditions
  • Adjust controls where required

Your equipment is a massive investment and just like a vehicle, must be serviced regularly to avoid unnecessary and costly breakdowns in the future. Secondly, between your regular preventative maintenances you can help your systems with some of these simple tips:


  • Try not to overstock fridges with warm stock, this will cause your equipment to struggle especially when outside temperatures are peaking
  • Try to keep doors closed for as long as possible, when restocking close the door whilst unpacking it will make a huge difference for your equipment
  • Ensure plantrooms are clean and clear of equipment which may impact on system operation

Air Conditioning

  • Keep all doors and windows closed when using Air Conditioning
  • Ensure the filters are clean and free of dust and dirt; you can lightly dust over with a broom.
  • If able to, keep your Air Conditioning running-maybe on a slightly higher temperature to maintain conditions
  • If you only use your AC at the peak of the day, turn it on an hour before the peak, it will give your system valuable time to cool your space and will require less power maintaining optimum temperature when the heat hits.
  • Avoid setting air conditioning to extreme temperatures, as this puts undue stress on equipment

With these tips, we hope we can help you with the longevity of your equipment and minimise breakdowns.

If we can be of any assistance, give us a call, we would love to hear from you 1300 484 969.

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